Temple Beth El
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Temple Beth El 
809 11th Avenue S
Fargo, ND 58103

Office Hours: 

Tuesday-Thursday 10:30-2:30

Education Program

Because of our dwindling numbers, we have chosen to hold Religious School once a month and to really make that once a month count. No tuition will be charged, and all are invited. Once a month, October through May, we will have an intensive, interactive workshop featuring one aspect of Jewish learning. Here is the calendar. 

March 3rd: Purim We’ll hear Megillat Esther. We’ll revel and enjoy learning all about the history of Purim. 

April 7th: Pesach A seder, 4 questions, and an open door! We’ll all be ready to celebrate when Passover arrives. 

May 3rd: Omer/Shavuot What’s an Omer and how do we count it? Whatever is Shavuot? 

Our intent is to have temple families and members young and old join in this very different approach to Religious School. We believe it will be a learning experience for all ages. The Hebrew component of the school will be arranged student by student.


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